PAIC Climate Task Force: Validity of Data II

Greenhouse gas concentrations

Source: NASA
Source: NASA

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The AIChE PAIC’s Climate Change Policy Review Project team welcomes you to its third discussion!

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Topic description

This third topic follows the second topic in every way, but is entirely focused on greenhouse gas concentrations. Note that the effect of greenhouse gas concentrations, i.e., “attribution” of observed climate change to greenhouse gas concentrations, is the upcoming discussion, topic four.  Please wait until topic four to post regarding attribution issues. For this topic, AIChE members might refer to EPA’s discussion in its Denial of Petitions for Reconsideration, Volume 1 (clicking on the first link on top of the sequence of sub-links and searching “temperature”), as well as the following sources.

Background reading and resources

The December 7, 2009 Endangerment Finding discusses greenhouse concentrations and radiative forcing primarily at pages 66,517 through 66,541 at this link (but search “concentrations” throughout to see all references).

The following links take you to data sets upon which the Endangerment Finding relied (which have been updated at the following links in 2016), which in turn rely on various peer-reviewed data sources including the IPCC, NASA, NOAA, the World Resource Institute, the Food and Agriculture Organization, and with respect to US GHG emissions, the EPA itself, as well as several more:

Please follow the rules when posting and include your authoritative sources!

Discussion timeline

This discussion will run from October 3 – October 17. Please share your thoughtful reply before the deadline.

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Also remember the rules for posting in the initial welcome blog post. This topic will be open through October 17, EOB.  The next discussion will focus on Attribution of Observed Climate Change: Causes of warming and increased greenhouse gas concentrations.

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