Announcing A Community of Process Engineers

Process engineers play a vital role across a wide range of industries. AIChE and its Foundation have worked together to create a community of process engineers, with inspiration from process engineer Scott D. Love.

Our aim is for this community to serve as a source of information and collaboration, and a place to share process engineering experiences and knowledge, whether scientific or professional.

As part of this effort, we have already begun to profile process engineers. If you’ve not already seen it, check out the recent post featuring Robert Nunley and his work as a process engineer.

Join the process engineer community

Whatever your industry—petrochemicals, pulp and paper, food, pharma, or any process-intensive industry—we hope you will join this new process engineer community. 

And please consider sharing your experience and perspective by volunteering to be profiled (or nominate someone we should profile).

To learn more about the community and become an active participant or volunteer, visit


Mohan Raj Sadatcharam's picture

I'd like to be a part of Process Engineering community and interested in the fields of Process Design & Development and Process Automation & Control.. To put forth queries in the interested fields and providing clarifications on the posted queries.. Cheers..

Scott Love's picture

I welcome everyone to the community whatever their current title may be. If you are called a process engineer or an operations engineer or an operations supervisor or whatever - if you are invested in the success of any operation - welcome!