AIChE Committees

AIChE’s 23 committees function as national liaisons between the Board of Directors and the Institute’s membership. Each committee addresses and serves specific fields within the organization and help shape the policy and procedure of the Institute. They serve as forums for the initiation and discussion of ideas, activities, and programs that serve the members and keep the Institute responsive to the members' needs.

Membership in a committee is often made through invitation or appointment. Search or browse committees below.

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Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee reviews all nominations for Fellow grade, using its best judgment in evaluating the training, accomplishments, and experience of each applicant.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee arranges for the annual audit and intreprets the results for the Board of Directors. The committee may also research other financial issues related to the audit.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee (a) formulates general policies regarding awards and honors administered by the Institute, and submit such policies and specific recommendations for approval by the Board of Directors; (b) formulates a general program designed to meet the needs and desires of the Institute in the matter of awards and honors, a may be approved by the Board; and (c) selects, subject to the approval by the Board, the recipients of the existing awards and honors.

Community of Division & Forum Officers

AIChE’s Community of Division & Forum Officers is comprised of all division and forum chairs. The current chair of the Chemical Engineering Technology Operating Council (CTOC) is also the chair of the Community of Division & Forum Officers. 

The Community provides opportunities to meet and discuss issues of general concern and relevance to all the divisions & forums.  The Community meets at AIChE Spring & Annual meetings. 

Constitution & Bylaws Committee

The Constitution & Bylaws Committee (a) receives by assignment from the Board of Directors, for study and recommendation, the proposed amendments to the Constitution submitted by petition to the Board; (b) drafts, at the request of the Board, proposed amendments for consideration by the Board; and (c) advises the Board on all questions of interpretation of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Institute.

Continuing Education Committee (CEC)

The goal of CEC is to position AIChE as the leader in World Class Training which respond to needs of the marketplace to educate and train employees, keeps companies and employees competitive, and offers motivation with a training environment in a cost-effective way.

Education & Accreditation Committee

The Education & Accreditation Committee serves (a) as the Institute's authority on the status of chemical engineering education; (b) advises schools on methods and standards of chemical engineering education; and (c) inspects and evaluates chemical engineering programs for ABET. This committee is authorized to cooperate with other inspecting and accrediting agencies under agreements ratified by the Board of Directors.

Equipment Testing Procedures Committee

The Equipment Testing Procedures Committee formulates and promulgates suggested procedures for testing performance of chemical engineering equipment.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is comprised of the five most recent available Past Presidents and elects its own chair.  It convenes to consider all matters of professional ethics upon request by the Board of Directors. The Ethics Committee also maintains AIChE’s Code of Ethics.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consist of the Institute President as Chair, the President-Elect, Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer. It acts for the Board of Directors on items of business delegated to it by the Board, and when the Board is not in session, the Executive Committee shall manage the affairs of the Institute and take such actions as are consistent with the Board of Directors’ delegations. 

Executive Student Committee (ESC)

The Executive Student Committee (a) helps improve student chapters; (b) encourages inter-chapter communication; (c) serves as the liaison between student chapters and AIChE staff and the Student Chapters Committee; (d) motivates student chapter members to be active in other aspects of AIChE; and (e) encourages student chapter members to continue their relationship with AIChE beyond graduation.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reviews the financial affairs of the Institute and reports its recommendations to the Board of Directors.

It consists of Board Members and AIChE's Executive Director.

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Global Societal Initiatives Committee

Facilitates the implementation of programs which enable chemical engineers to impact global societal needs executing locally, and/or partnering with communities around the world.

International Committee

The AIChE International Committee develops and implements strategic and tactical activities related to the international component of AIChE’s mission. Initially chartered in 2007 as a Board of Directors Blue Ribbon committee by then-President John Chen, the International Committee merged with the International Relations Committee to become a standing committee in 2009.

Read the International Committee's Charter (PDF)

Licensing and Professional Development Committee

The Licensing and Professional Development Committee (LPDC) has both short and long-term projects focused on serving AIChE membership in areas relating to professional development and professional engineering licensure. It works with other committees to provide programing in these areas. It also provides an interface with outside organizations on licensure topics. The committee reports to the Career and Education Operating Council.

Local Sections Committee (LSC)

The Local Sections committee is charged with developing the relationships between AIChE's local sections and AIChE Staff and the Career and Education Operating Council. Through monthly networking calls, meetings, and using other available means of collaboration, the LSC aims to highlight local section best practice and develop practical resource materials that will help AIChE's volunteer section leaders serve their constituents.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee recommends ways to attract potentially qualified applicants to membership in AIChE.

Minority Affairs Committee (MAC)

The Minority Affairs Committee promotes activities that encourage the education and training of disadvantaged minorities in engineering and related disciplines; fosters the employment of minorities at all levels of skills within the engineering field; encourages minority entrepreneurship; and directs the expertise of engineers to the solution of special social and economic problems faced by the such minorities.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee draws up an election ballot containing the names of candidates for Officers and Directors. This is a constitutional committee described in Article V, Section 2 (a) of the Constitution. The slate of candidates is approved by the Board of Directors at least 35 weeks prior to the Annual Business Meeting.

Program Committee (PC)

The Program Committee (PC) is responsible for organizing and conducting the AIChE Annual and Spring Meetings, as well as other workshops, symposia and conferences of the Institute. The committee is also responsible for coordinating with other technical societies in respect to joint meetings.

Publication Committee

The Publication Committee advances the publication, dissemination, and exchange of chemical engineering knowledge.

Research & New Technology Committee (RANTC)

This AIChE Research and New Technology Committee (RANTC)  identifies and prioritizes opportunities for research in chemical engineering and the emerging fields of technology that may employ chemical engineering skills.

Student Chapters Committee

The Student Chapters Committee (a) provides assistance to the Student Chapters and coordinates their activities for the Institute; (b) oversees programming and fundraising for the Annual Student Conference; (c) considers applications for Student Chapter Charters and recommends the granting of new charters to the CEOC; and (d) exercises general supervision of the Student Chapters, subject to approval by the Board.

Technician's Affairs Committee

The Technician's Affairs Committee (a) develops methods and programs that foster the growth and development of technicians as team members and stimulate the contributions that they can make to the profession and the chemical process industry; (b) encourages a viable, fruitful relationship between the professional chemical engineer and all technicians, characterized by mutual respect; (c) advises schools on curricula, methods, and standards of chemical engineering technician and chemical process operator education; (d) cooperates with accreditation agencies in the inspection and evaluation o

Women in Chemical Engineering (WIC)

Women in Chemical Engineering (WIC) leads in promoting the entry, development, and full participation of women in the Institute and the profession by mobilizing AIChE to meet the needs of existing and potential female members of AIChE and the profession and providing a networking means for women in AIChE to use each other as resources...

Young Professionals Committee (YPC)

The Young Professionals Committee works to increase participation among young professionals in Institute activities. It serves as an intermediary between students and local sections and creates national technical and social programming for AIChE conferences.