Knovel increases your productive research of leading technical handbooks, materials, and critical databases using Knovel’s unique analytical tools including interactive graphs, tables, unit converter and periodic chart.

And the AIChE – Knovel subscription  continues to grow.  Knovel is even better today  with  some of its most significant updates yet!

Below are some new key updates, always providing you with simply the best research experience and amazing tools to search, access and report from its unique verified data platform: It’s all ready for you 24/7!

  • Personalization: MyKnovel is expanded to provide instant access to recent searches & views, saved content (including content saved on mobile devices), printed & downloaded content
  • Upgraded Search: Refine By filter lets users narrow down broad search queries that otherwise result in large, unfiltered Search Results. A suggested focused set of concepts is offered, too.
  • Enhancements to Search: Auto-Suggest, New Content Type, and Definitions features refine search results and simplify access for those wanting a definition / encyclopedic entry for background information
  • Content viewing: Now in HTML (previously in flash), with new Notes functionality to  annotate text for easy review, search, and sharing with colleagues
  • In-product guides: Simple to use in-product guides are available on each page to allow users, especially first-timers, to take full-advantage of all product capabilities

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