Peer Reviews

AIChE, a world-leading professional society of more than 40,000 chemical engineers in 92 countries, is organizing a variety of peer reviews for Government Agencies as well as private companies. AIChE will conduct independent, non-biased, comprehensive and rigorous evaluations in subject areas of expertise of chemical engineering such as energy projects, life cycle and full cost accounting studies, sustainability, and biological engineering.

AIChE will:

  • Identify and pre-screen qualified subject matter experts
  • Develop and provide an unbiased panel of reviewers
  • Serve as facilitator to enhance the peer review process
  • Provide high quality reports in the most timely and efficient manner
  • Provide a level of trust for the organization and public to avoid greenwashing

The Peer Review Process will:

  • Provide perspective on next steps and work priorities
  • Summarize valued comments from expert panelists on strengths and weaknesses
  • Provide recommendations for beneficial improvements
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Provide information to help shape project priorities and allocate resources efficiently
  • Provide insight into assumptions made about alternative solutions
  • Test the assumptions and system boundaries in the analyses
  • Identify where assumptions are skewing the results and show how they can be made more robust
  • Identify where conservative estimates have underestimated the benefit provided by an alternative

AIChE is also seeking qualified members to serve as peer reviewers.  As a peer reviewer, you will have the opportunity to give back to the profession and community. You will be making extraordinary commitment to help form an exemplary team and generate high quality reports for all reviews. Becoming an AIChE Peer Reviewer provides a number of benefits.

The AIChE Peer Reviewer will:

  • Learn—become exposed to new and innovative ideas in your field and stay current on emerging issues
  • Engage—discuss cases with a remarkable group of experts and develop professional relationships
  • Grow—hone critical thinking and communication skills
  • Serve—collectively work as a team to improve project matters and  meet highest professional standards through best practices

Members of AIChE come together from corporations, universities, and government to form a global network of resourceful colleagues with shared wisdom. Through programs, AIChE fosters the development and dissemination of chemical engineering knowledge to become the focal point for information exchange. With these benefits, AIChE is determined to provide you with the best services.

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