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Process Safety Boot Camp

Face-to-Face Course
Offered in North America, this intensive and highly interactive 4-day course trains chemical engineers in the fundamentals of Process Safety. Taught...

Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS)

CCPS was established in 1985 to focus on engineering and management practices that can prevent and mitigate catastrophic accidents involving release of hazardous materials. CCPS is supported by sponsors in the chemical and hydrocarbon process industries and active worldwide via conferences, books, databases, education, research, and more.

Protect Tanks from Overpressure and Vacuum

Back To Basics
Todd W. Drennen, P.E.
This article is based on a presentation at the 2019 AIChE Spring Meeting and 15th Global Congress on Process Safety, New Orleans, LA. Low pressure does not mean low risk. If low-pressure tanks are compromised, they can release large volumes of...

November 2019 CEP Preview

November 14, 2019

This month in CEP, tips for getting your research published, advice for strong video presentations, a look at reducing plant energy costs, and much more.

Closing the Gaps in Cybersecurity

Critical Issues
Emily Petruzzelli, Nidhi Sharma
The cybersecurity industry suffers from an immense talent gap. As the need for tougher security measures in industrial facilities becomes dire, numerous organizations are creating training programs to build and strengthen cybersecurity education.

Looming Deadline Prompts Cybersecurity Concerns

This is an extended version of the editorial that appeared in the November 2019 issue of CEP When a chemical engineer thinks about risk in a plant or facility, the first few things that come to mind may be chemical releases, overpressure and...

Process Safety Beacon: What Does That Button Do?

Process Safety Beacon
Safety systems need to have a well-defined purpose. When activated, they must reliably respond as designed with the necessary action, such as in instances where a process must be stopped. The objective of a process control system is to keep the...

Pre-Start Up Safety Review

Archived Webinar
Nov 20, 2019
This live presentation explores the role and importance of PSSR, the many challenges industries face when performing PSSR and various mitigation paths.

CCPS 2019 Summer and Fall Highlights

October 25, 2019

Catch up on the latest CCPS news, including student boot camps, faculty workshops, regional meetings around the world, and more.

How Damage Mechanism Reviews Impact Operations

Archived Webinar
Oct 23, 2019
This 60-minute live webinar will walk you through the components of a damage mechanism review, the team and documentation it requires, the evaluation process and resulting information. The presenter...

Faculty Summer Vacations Focused on Safety

Over the past summer, while many of us were vacationing, over 130 faculty members from around the globe took time out of their well-earned summer breaks to attend our industry led process safety workshops, through AIChE’s Undergraduate Process Safety Learning Initiative (UPSLI).  Wo


September, 2019
Este livro é destinado a um público que varia de instalação e gerentes corporativos de segurança de processo para os trabalhadores que têm diferentes níveis de conhecimento sobre os princípios de gestão da mudança com segurança. Este livro foi projetado para dotar as pessoas responsáveis por...


January, 2014
Ao ler este livro, em sua totalidade ou em partes, o leitor terá acesso a um conteúdo de qualidade, que reflete o melhor que a indústria e a academia juntas puderam, até o presente momento, produzir e sistematizar, e espera-se que, com a efetiva adoção dos princípios contidos no texto, se...

SAChE® Certificate Program - Lab Safety

eLearning (online) Course
Laboratory safety is important for anyone working in a laboratory. This course will introduce you to laboratory safety and provides the content...

Process Safety Beacon: Look Out for Sluggish Control Systems

Process Safety Beacon
Imagine a process temperature that climbs beyond the setpoint. The temperature continues to increase and goes outside of the operating range. The available cooling capacity is sufficient, but the control system is slow to bring the process back into...

Will James on Hydrogen Safety

September 24, 2019

As the hydrogen economy grows, so does the need for technical information and know-how about hydrogen safety. Read more about safety advances.

September 2019 CEP Preview

September 13, 2019

This month in CEP, learn about NSF grants, get tips for safe scaleup, learn about planning a plant decommissioning, and much more.

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